Try out a new recipe to serve at your next tea party

The places are set and the tea is hot, but what treat should you serve the guests at your tea party? Let the Upper Sandusky Community Library and Cheryl Lyon help you out in this month’s What’s Cookin’ recipe video.

Cheryl will whip up a fun recipe that you can serve at your next tea party. The video will premiere at 6:00 p.m. on Monday, May 24, 2021, on the Upper Sandusky Community Library’s Facebook page and YouTube channel. Past videos can be found under the What’s Cookin’ playlists on both platforms.


This year’s What’s Cookin’ schedule is as follows: May 24 (tea party), June 17 (pack your picnic basket), July 26 (no-bake dessert or a cool salad), August 23 (fresh produce dish), September 27 (Crockpot recipe), October 25 (pumpkin or apple dishes), November 15 (brunch), and December 13 (potluck, cookie contest, and gift exchange).

For more information about this or any other Upper Sandusky Community Library program, stop by the front desk or call the library at 419-294-1345.