The 100 Book Club

Stack of books surrounded by lines. Text says The 100 Book Club with Upper Sandusky Community Library.


The 100 Book Club is a prestigious reader club at Upper Sandusky Community Library. Readers will join the 100 Book Club Challenge with a goal to read 100 books in a year's timeframe. If they meet that goal they will be inducted into the 100 Book Club.




  • The challenge is open to readers ages 6+.
  • Readers can sign up for the 100 Book Club Challenge any time throughout the year.
  • Only titles read between June 1, 2024 (the start of the summer reading program) and May 31, 2025 count toward the 100-book goal.
  • A title can only be counted once within the year timeframe (which means re-reads within that same timeframe won’t count).
  • All book formats count (ex. physical, ebook, audiobook, graphic novels, and comics).
    • Magazines, cookbooks, and adults reading picture books do not count.
    • Anthologies and collections of short stories count as one book. Individual stories within a collection do not count as separate entries.
  • Completed logs must be submitted to the Upper Sandusky Community Library by June 7, 2025 for verification.
  • Readers who have completed the challenge will receive an invitation to the 100 Book Club recognition event during the summer reading program where they will receive a 100 Book Club t-shirt and an award.
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